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David Teie's

Music Developed For Feline Ears


“Young rescue cats like Pocket tend to be the most responsive to 'Music for Cats'"

In the long battle for feline affection, cat owners may have some fresh ammunition. David Teie, a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra, recently teamed up with animal scientists to develop “Music for Cats,” a series of whirring, lilting and at times squeaky musical tracks designed for cats’ brains and ears. Owners often...

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MusicforCats in the News

"Total Banger"

"I’ve been writing about music for over a decade, so I’ve received zillions of demos. And dead serious, this has be in the Top 5. My cat is absolutely obsessed with Cozmo’s Air. Total banger. Instant classic."

Greg Dona (DJ Friendly Greg)

"It was amazing"

"Last night, Fisher was going nuts, attacking my feet while we were trying to go to sleep. So my husband put on your cat music and within 10 seconds Fisher was lulled into an ultra relaxed state. It was amazing!"

Maggie (St. Louis)

"Thank you so much for what you’ve created"

I work at an emergency veterinary hospital. Today we had a patient in incredible pain. He was on as much paint medication as we could give him, but he just couldn’t get comfortable. I put on Rusty’s Ballard for him on repeat, and he’s currently sleeping. Thank you so much for what you’ve created!

Karey Harris (Fort Worth, Texas)


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