1. Why People Are Predisposed to Believe That Animals Are Things

    Do you have a problem with believing that we are genetically programmed to believe one thing or another? I am quite certain that some beliefs are built into our systems; they come as standard equipment on homo sapiens. Let’s try a little test and then see what you think (or what you believe). Sex seems like a good subject for testing. We think of our personalities and tastes being intertwined wi…Read More

  2. Where Do Our Animal Attitudes Come From?

    In our society, we have people doing the most important work to keep us healthy such as farmers, doctors, and caretakers. They are among those who provide the basic needs that allow us to come up to the line of subsistence. Then, we have people who are engaged in enhancing the quality of life above that line, such as artists, entertainers, and chefs. I have spent my life dedicated to the latter, w…Read More

  3. Changing Our Perspective

    I admit that I have a motive behind these writings: I hope to bend the minds of people away from people. We should all aim to widen our views of the world. Anaïs Nin said: “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” As we try to see through another’s eyes, we gain a more complete perspective and truer understanding of our world. Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of ano…Read More