1. Top Reasons to Adopt a Cat

    Whether you already have pets or you are ready to get your first one, you are now faced with the challenge of deciding what animal to adopt next. At Music for Cats, we are particularly passionate about our feline companions and the joy they add to our lives. Read on to see the top reasons why we encourage you to adopt a new kitty! They Are Independent If you are someone who is constantly on the go…Read More

  2. How to Reduce Cat Stress

    Cats are sensitive creatures, so they can get stressed about quite a few things. However, what is stressing out your feline friend may not seem to be so obvious. And, some owners have a hard time telling if a cat is stressed or just ill in general. Some of the signs of a stressed-out cat include: Aggressive behavior towards other pets in the home or owners Making messes outside of the litter box o…Read More

  3. Why Declawing is Not the Answer

    Many people seem to think that if their cat has an issue with scratching up the furniture or the carpet in the home, the solution is just to declaw the cat. Think again! Declawing your kitty can cause them to be much less likely to use their litterbox, and it can also increase the likelihood of biting. If that isn’t enough, declawing has also been known to lead to lasting physical issues for cat…Read More

  4. Understanding Cat Anxiety

    While cats seemingly live a life of luxury, lounging at home all day and napping, they can actually experience quite a bit of stress. Anything from moving to a new home to an unexpected insect crawling over their food can cause serious stress. Unfortunately, many owners overlook the symptoms of stress and anxiety in their cats because they mistake them for other issues. Here are some of the signs …Read More

  5. Where Do Our Animal Attitudes Come From?

    In our society, we have people doing the most important work to keep us healthy such as farmers, doctors, and caretakers. They are among those who provide the basic needs that allow us to come up to the line of subsistence. Then, we have people who are engaged in enhancing the quality of life above that line, such as artists, entertainers, and chefs. I have spent my life dedicated to the latter, w…Read More