4 CD Set of Music for Cats Album One "For the times when you are away..."




  • Complete Music for Cats album
  • Three additional CDs with periods of silence between songs
  • Over 50 minutes of music


Give your feline companion the gift of music! Music for Cats proudly offers this four disc set to help provide anxiety relief for your cat while you’re away. We’ve included our famous first album, with over 50 minutes of cat soothing music. If you will be away for a longer period of time, however, that is where this four disc set comes in. Experience the full Music for Cats experience, but with periods of silence in between each track. That way, your cat will experience the natural calming effects all day long. 




  • Naturally soothing music designed scientifically for cats
  • Different length CDs to accommodate your schedule as well as your cat’s needs
  • Cat calming without reliance on medications

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