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CD of Music for Cats Album Two

CD of Music for Cats Album Two


Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of this new album.


This album has 66 minutes of all new music for you to share with your cat. The first five songs include melodies that are heard in both the lower human music and in the upper cat music, weaving a connection between your cat and you. The last two tracks are designed for long drives and clinical applications; these songs can be looped for extended periods and will not leave trace melodies that might otherwise become tiring. As with the first album, this music includes an array of instruments that were specifically designed for cats. 

The release coincides with the news of a second independent university study that confirms the effectiveness of music for cats. The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine study states: “Behaviorally, cats responded very well to cat music. …They were also much easier to handle by our examiners…they did this with cat music only. We think this could be an effective way to help reduce stress in the vet clinic for cats.”

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