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CD of Music for Cats Album One

CD of Music for Cats Album One




  • Experience the first species-specific music ever created!
  • Natural cat relaxation solution
  • Designed with sounds cats like and respond to


Music has been created for humans since the beginning of our existence, but now it’s time to share the beauty and richness of melody with our feline companions. David Teie, a published author in premier science journals and a member of National Symphony Orchestra, has teamed up with animal scientists to create this very real, naturally soothing music for cats. With sounds that include everything from staccato bird chirps to gentle crescendos of purring and suckling, you will see your cat responding to the music with calm interest. Give your cat the gift of music with our first full length album.




  • Cat anxiety solution
  • Over 50 minutes of music
  • Present music for your cats for the first time
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