1. Total banger

    I've been writing about music for over a decade, so I've received zillions of demos. And dead serious, this has be in the Top 5. My cat is absolutely obsessed with Cozmo's Air. Total banger. Instant classic.…Read More

    - Greg Dona (DJ Friendly Greg)
  2. It was amazing!

    Last night, Fisher was going nuts, attacking my feet while we were trying to go to sleep. So my husband put on your cat music and within 10 seconds Fisher was lulled into an ultra relaxed state. It was amazing!…Read More

    - Maggie (St. Louis)
  3. Thank you so much for what you’ve created!

    I work at an emergency veterinary hospital. Today we had a patient in incredible pain. He was on as much paint medication as we could give him, but he just couldn't get comfortable. I put on Rusty's Ballard for him on repeat, and he's currently sleeping. Thank you so much for what you've created!…Read More

    - Karey Harris (Fort Worth, Texas)
  4. …enjoyed the cat tunes

    Pearly really enjoyed the cat tunes. The only things she meows for more is her food and the string we use to get her to run around our apartment (she's a lazy little kitty with a big appetite). When I played the music for her again this morning, this time on my laptop, she stalked around it, rubbing her face against the edges of the screen and occasionally trying to take a bite.…Read More

    -Erin MCarthy (mentalfloss.com)