David Teie is aware that many animals, including cats, are conscious, aware, sensing, feeling, sentient creatures. That means that they are capable of enjoyment and even appreciating beauty, as long as the beauty is designed for their preferences and senses. Once David had discovered that it is possible to create music for other animals, it became his mission to bring as much of the rich pleasures of music to as many species as possible. In David’s words: “We all know that love is the ultimate connecting force, and I have often thought that the best music is like love in sonic form. With this music, I hope to bring a new enhancement to the connection between our two species. Cats and their humans sharing one music.”

To learn more about Music for Cats, take a look at our Science page. By using the sounds kittens grow up with, David has successfully found a way to make music for our feline companions. Contact us today to experience the power behind our soothing cat music.